Within hours, the photo had reached more than 18 million people on Facebook; more than 430,000 engaged with it via reactions, comments and shares.

When I came into the locker room after work yesterday, I asked a co-worker if he saw ‘the photo.’ He asked, ‘what photo?’ I said, ‘The Pulitzer Prize winning photo-to-be of the guy who shot the guy in Turkey.’

I guess if he hadn’t seen the photo, I wasn’t making much sense to my co-worker, but for some, even when they saw the photo, they probably didn’t see what I saw.

As a guy who takes a lot of photos, I have a ton of respect for the professional photographers. Some of the things they can do with a camera amazes me. Even more amazing is their commitment to the profession which includes willingness to put themselves in compromising situations just to ‘get the shot.’

I was happy to read today’s AP article in the Delaware County Daily Times which quoted the photographer on his decision making process when deciding not to run, but to stand there in front of a gunman and take his photo.

It’s photographers like him that separate the men from the boys.

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