(CHESTER, PA) – In the spirit of the holiday season, the Chester Police Department under the director of Mayor Thaddeus Kirkland, will give away 100 turkeys to random motorists driving in the city on Thursday, December 22, 2016.

Beginning at noon on Thursday, patrolmen will be observing motorists driving within the City of Chester’s limits.  Motorists obeying traffic laws, including, but not limited to, driving with a seat belt, using appropriate turning signals, driving within the speed limit, etc., will be pulled over and presented with a turkey.

Mayor Kirkland and Chester Police Leadership wanted to find a way to give back to the residents while promoting positive community and police relations.  “We wanted to break the ice and have an open dialogue with the citizens,” said Deputy Police Commissioner Otis Blair.  “This will hopefully help us to break the mold of us only interacting with residents in negative situations.”

The turkeys were purchased from Fare & Square grocery store located on the city’s west end.   “We are giving away turkeys to our residents but also supporting a local business,” said Mayor Kirkland. “We have to remain vigilant in our efforts to support and show appreciation for our community on every level. By supporting Fare & Square we strengthen our businesses and also our city.”

Mayor Kirkland and Deputy Commissioner Blair will help to officially kick-off the turkey giveaway by patrolling the intersection along 22nd Street and Edgmont Avenue on the city’s east side of town at noon.