People are walking away from their jobs at Chester City Hall like the unemployment rate doesn’t exist. Some are early retirements, some are earlier retirements than planned, some are seeking new opportunities, I guess some jobs are being eliminated, and some folks are plum fed up.

The most notable person who turned in her keys is Nicole Cogdell who has served as Community Liaison for the past few years.

I first met Nicole about a dozen years ago when she was heading ‘Women in Charge’. Although she didn’t have a child who was murdered, she still offered her passionate leadership to help grow that organization of mothers supporting each other and trying to bring attention to the murders of their children.

Nicole always seems to be in the middle of positive activity going on around town. When she joined city government as a Community Liaison, she and her team would venture into the worse neighborhoods to get a pulse of what the community concerns were and brought the information back to city hall for action.

Without a doubt, Nicole’s biggest claim to fame is putting up a fight against her employer, the retailer Wet Seal, in a class action discrimination suit. It became the largest civil rights court case victory in years in the United States and probably one of the last to have a chance considering the changes we expect to see in the courts in the near future.

Nicole granted me the first interview after the Wet Seal discrimination case was settled

After that case, Nicole could have very easily walked away into the sunset and lived a very comfortable life, but she took a vacation and came right back to work at city hall like nothing happened.

Nicole and I haven’t always seen eye to eye, but I love that we get out whatever that’s on our mind and go back to respecting and supporting each other. She’s always been one of my favorite people to watch because where ever she was, something important was going on.

Chester city government has lost a gem. I don’t know what’s going on over there that’s making people walk away from jobs they want to love, but we’ll remember the work she’s done and wish Nicole the best in whatever she decides to do in the future.

Nicole live on WURD with Nick Taliaferro talking about the Wet Seal case