With so much fake news in the news, if I didn’t read this story in the Delaware County Times at 6am this morning for myself, I wouldn’t have believed it if it came from someone else.

In one corner in the black trunks, weighing in as a light-weight and standing a smooth 5 foot 5 is ‘Bro-Man Jeetaeh’ from Upper Darby by way of Liberia. In the other corner in the white trunks, weighing in as a super heavy-weight and towering at about 6 foot 3 is ‘5-Star Pete’ from the attorney’s office by way of the county seat of Media, PA.

In what was billed as a simple child custody hearing in courtroom E, it turned ugly in the hallway after ‘5-Star Pete’ tried to sneak a sucker punch on ‘Bro-Man Jeetaeh’ with an offer from the baby momma.

‘Bro-Man Jeetaeh’ slipped that punch by rejecting that offer only to be gripped up by ‘5-Star Pete’ and smashed up against the marble wall. There’s no mention of the ref stepping in to stop the ruckus but those sitting ring side didn’t think it was a fair fight. ‘Bro-Man Jeetaeh’ left the ring with a headache and sought medical attention from the courtroom cut man (okay, it was the courtroom nurse).

It’s just one of those stories that makes me beg God for forgiveness for laughing. I so want it to be fake news, but this really happened to real people in a real courthouse.

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