I was going to write about this story when it first came out where some Swarthmore residents are opposing the changing character of their neighborhood. After seeing some upset folks on my Facebook timeline, I was sorry I hadn’t chimed in sooner. But, after today’s editorial in the Delaware Country Daily Times, I felt I could hold it in no longer.

In short, all I have to say is that the folks in Swarthmore must be getting dizzy from that new traffic circle they just put in for them to not allow the temporary residence for out-of-town cancer patients receiving treatment at Philadelphia area hospitals in the home featured in the photo above.

Today’s editorial on Delcotimes.com on ‘HEADstrong and the dizzy Swarthmorians’ have saved me a lot of writing. I’m in total agreement with what they say on this matter.

Can Swarthmore not find in its heart – especially at this time of year – space for the work of a group like HEADstrong?