I had to stop and read a Twitter post that offered ‘4 Great Ways to Maintain a Healthy and Safe Computer,’ ironically, on the same day that I picked up a laptop from the repair shop for a damsel in distress.

When the tech rep called me with the diagnosis, a large part of the laptop’s problems were due to the 4 things mentioned in the tweet.

My first thought was how dated the tweet seemed as so many people have mothballed their computer for the smart phone and tablet. Sometimes I feel like a Tyrannosaurus when I sit at my 27″ iMac to bang out a blog post or read email (another dinosaur for many). But when I’m correcting photos, putting together a video, or editing audio, there’s no place I’d rather be.

I was about to graduate college when PCs started coming on the scene. I’m definitely not of that generation who was born with a Facebook page and a birth certificate when momma brought me home from the maternity ward.

For a long while, I knew more about what was inside a computer than what computers were putting out and wondering how a computer user would call themselves more technical than me just because they knew how to install Windows 95 when I could tell them how to make an integrated circuit.

If you still find yourself attached to the laptop or desktop PC, take heed to the 4 points described in the tweet. Computers deserve a lot more TLC than the phones and tablets, but they make it up with providing a much more robust user experience.

At least, this Tyrannosaurus thinks so.