If you’ve watched it or not, HBO’s ‘Insecure’ is your favorite show. Yesterday, before I made my annual Black Friday DIY run to Home Depot, I lounged in bed for a while to catch the latest episode of ‘Insecure.’


The kids were doing a fund raiser in the ritzy black section of Los Angeles at a home that was far more posh than they’d ever been in. As kids do, one of them started opening drawers and got super excited when he saw it stocked with extra batteries. At the end of the show when the kids gathered in the back yard with the funders to share their goals and aspirations, the same kid said his was to grow up and have extra batteries.

That’s what my annual Home Depot Black Friday run is all about, stocking up on batteries for the year (you can’t beat the price) and putting them in the dining room cabinet drawer.

It took an episode of a black sitcom to remind me how seemingly little things for some people are major life moments for others. It certainly made me pause and give thanks for the simple things I’m able to enjoy but often take for granted.