A few smooth jazz lovers recognize the music of bassist Gerald Veasley, but a lot fewer people recognize the vocal talents of Jaguar Wright.

Tonight, on BestCore Radio, a Chester based Internet radio station you download to your Apple or Android phone or tablet, the ‘Beautiful new Black Music’ show will feature the best of Jaguar Wright and few cuts from Gerald Veasley.

After listening to tonight’s show, you will want to be in the front row tomorrow night as Jaguar Wright and Gerald Vesley perform at the MJ Freed Theater in Chester.

I was a fan of Jaguar Wright but I haven’t heard any of her music since the early 2000s. I was excited to scrub through her songs to find more than a few for tonights radio show. Her songs have aged well and could be hits today if re-released. She reminds me of a blend of Jill Scott and Mary J. Blige with an additional secret ingredient.

In searching out some Gerald Veasley songs, I added a few of the songs with strong male vocals to bring some balance to the show, and I found one song from his jazz fusion days that really shows off his talents best.

Tune in from 9 to 10 pm tonight on BestCore Radio. Slap in your ear buds or pair that bluetooth speaker and enjoy a free pre-concert to get primed for Saturday night at the MJ Freed.

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