A huge billboard on I-95 promoting a gun range 30 miles away is pointing a big gun at the Chester Community Charter School about a quarter mile away.

It’s clearly a case of a very bad coincidence and a few residents aren’t too happy about it.

The general manager of the gun range claims he wasn’t aware of the proximity of the school across the highway. I believe him.

On the one hand, it is a bad look. The last thing Chester needs is a reminder that guns are in our community, especially when over 20 murders have occurred by way of guns so far this year.

On the other hand, there’s nothing illegal about the legal purchase of guns. Plus, shooting ranges are the recommended location to shoot off your guns, learn gun safety, and become a better shot.

With so many illegal guns floating around the black community, many blacks are anti gun in every way, shape and form. Yet, whites routinely collect guns and ammo just because.

Black gun advocates like Kenn Blanchard, host of the ‘Black Man with a Gun’ podcast, makes a compelling case for blacks to take up arms and learn how to use them correctly. Guys like Kenn are few and far between.

Fans of the FX show ‘Atlanta’ will remember a hilariously serious scene where a black guy goes to the gun range where people of all races are shooting, and he’s ostracized not for coming to the range, but for using a target of a dog. The whites were more upset that he was shooting at a dog than the fact that he was shooting at the range.

Whites teach their kids how to handle guns at a very early age. Should black kids have the same experience? Would it help them understand and respect guns if they had proper training? Or, should we continue to let them learn about guns from the illegal gun owners they will likely encounter as they age?

The billboard has been up for a couple weeks and will probably remain for the length of the contract the shooting range signed with the billboard company.

Would asking the owner of the gun range to invite the kids of the charter school to host a field trip to the gun range be a good idea and have him tell them that the gun on the sign is not pointing at their classrooms to create fear? Or, should we ask that the sign come down?

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