I went to bed after watching the Atlanta Hawks beat the Cleveland Cavaliers, ending their undefeated streak. I woke up to see Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton, continuing her ability to not become the president streak.

Twitter is always the place to go for the most insightful comments. Here’s a few from my 4:30am timeline…

  • “Worse day in America, 9/11. Second worse day, 11/9.”
  • “Last Saturday we turned the clocks back an hour. We should have turned them back 50 years.”
  • “Clinton Foundation to release revised speaking fees tomorrow.”
  • “We finally got a business man to deal with our financial crisis!”
  • “Time to begin healing wounds from this combative election and unite our country. Donald did not have my vote but he certainly has my support.”
  • “The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer,” Donald Trump told supporters
  • “How do we go from our first black president to a president endorsed by the KKK? How?”
  • Helicopters circle overhead as firefighters clean up burned debris from anti-Trump protesters in downtown Oakland, California.
  • Obama suffers brutal rebuke as America votes Trump
  • I’m a police officer and my first thought is “Oh!!!! Shit just got real!!!!”
  • Donald Trump just pulled off the greatest con in US history. Now he has to produce. He can’t hide behind his gold plated veneer anymore.

I believe a lot of President Obama supporters were asleep at the wheel through much of his reign. I bet they’ll be wide awake during the Trump presidency.