I stopped by the MJ Freed Theater to get an Express Mail package together to walk to the post office and found Devon Walls performing his best Chef Tavia Isaac impression by whipping up a bunch of good looking and great smelling food.

Crab cakes, shrimp, orzo, salad, crab dip, and some other stuff along with some fancy looking fruit punch only made me hungry and wish for an excuse to grab a to-go plate.

Devon said he was hosting a group from Sweden who were in town, but I don’t think it was to vote for Don or Hill.

The last time I remember the Swedes in Chester was in 2013 when King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Sylvia of Sweden, accompanied by Eero Heinaluoma, speaker of the Parliament of Finland, visited the Finnish Settlers monument at Crozer Park as part of the 375th anniversary of the first Swedish and Finnish settlement in the Delaware Valley.

I’m not sure what brought the Swedes to Chester this time, but I bet they ate better than the King and Queen did when they visited.

Not Chef Tavia
The Finnish Memorial on Concord Road