My continued gripe with Harrah’s is that there’s nothing to do there but gamble. They’ve been around since 2006 and may have just started to figure out that people would enjoy coming there if there was something to do.

If you like fine dining, their steak house only opens on the weekend. If you like to dance, they don’t have a night club. If you like sports, cigars, and a drink, you can smoke in one place, watch the games in a different place…but you can drink everywhere.

There used to be a Karaoke night that attracted a lot of locals who dropped a lot of money on liquor and food, but that went away. Local live bands have never had a steady date in the casino because there really has been no place for them to play.

People in Chester who want to drink consider Harrah’s the safest bars in town. But most people want to drink with friends or at least with something else interesting going on. Harrah’s continues to miss the boat on that concept.

The buffet has been horrible from the start. The so-called risqué space with scantily clad beauties dancing on a platform made absolutely no sense because it was right in the middle of the floor in plain sight of people who saw that activity as complete debauchery.

The ultimate bad night a Harrah’s for me and some friends was NCAA March Madness of 2015 when we were enjoying ourselves watching a Villanova game. After the game ended, the big screen went off so they could play music videos to the DJs music. There were more games coming on. Who turns off March Madness for music videos? The place emptied.

Some things have changed at Harrah’s but not much. Today’s Delaware County Daily Times has an article saying Guy Fieri is opening a spot along with Starbucks and a real night club kinda thing.

They’re quoted as saying…

Enhancing our product offering to include more diversity in our non gaming amenities reaffirms our commitment to the metro Philadelphia market.

We’ve been trying to tell you to do that since before you came here. There’s nothing to do around here. You’ve got a captive audience right outside your door. People want to come out and have fun and all you want to do is give us gambling and a revolving door of stuff that continues to not attract us. I’ve suggested they need a community advisory council to help them understand what would attract more people to the casino, but they’ve hedged their bets on gambling.

Maybe things are starting to change.