Last Tuesday, the Brandywine Regal Theater in Wilmington, Delaware was put on blast for listing ‘Birth of A Nation’ as a sold out show when only a half dozen people were in the theater. This Tuesday, ‘Birth of a Nation’ was actually sold out at the Brandywine Regal Theater with hardly an empty seat to be had.

To Nate Parker: For all the bullshit you’ve endured as a result of making this movie, tonight’s showing validates you as a hero of a film maker for bringing the Nat Tuner story to the big screen. I wish you could have been there to see an entire city come out and absorb your magnificent work.

To Jim Turner: When we talked at Career Day last Thursday, we both said that protesting the Brandywine Regal was the absolute wrong response to what occurred at the ‘sold-out’ fiasco. We agreed that the only way to respond that would send a message would be for people to buy tickets for the movie and show up to see ‘Birth’ at the Regal. It was great to see you there tonight and I know you were smiling just like I was at the response.

To the Brandywine Regal: There’s no denying that you made a bad mistake last week and have learned an important message the hard way. However, tonight you did a wonderful thing by showing our sold out screening in what must be one of your most luxurious theaters. I haven’t been there for years, but I doubt the extra comfy seats with the tray tables are in every theater in your movie house. You could have put us in an ordinary theater, but to see the film in such luxury was a joy.

To the City of Chester: What a beautiful sight to see so many of you come out tonight. It was like a reunion as  I saw folks I hadn’t seen in ages. While most movies are date night type affairs, this event brought out entire families – husbands, wives, their children with their families. Incredible.

To the 2 year old little boy and his mom who sat next to me: I was a tad nervous having such a small child so close, but this lil guy was on his best behavior and was really getting into the film. He asked his mom, ‘Why is that man dead?’ Mom simply said, ‘Because he was a bad guy.’ He said, OH!

To Devon Walls: What an incredible response to an otherwise volatile situation. Thanks for releasing your resources to buy out the entire theater and giving away the tickets for us to see the show, and thanks to those resources.

We made history tonight. I’m willing to bet that there has never been a city that has sold out a theater and one of the few sold out theaters to view ‘Birth of a Nation.’The experience of being there was absolutely unforgettable.

Nat Turner’s rebellion may have been defeated but he made us all winners.

Devon Walls at the sold out ‘Birth of a Nation’