Is Regal Brandywine trying to call me a liar after I put them on blast about ‘Birth of a Nation’ being pulled from their theaters after all the heat from Devon Walls’ video exposing their Tuesday night non-showing of the film due to some unconfirmed reason?

I see on Facebook this morning that Devon has bought out the entire 7:30pm Tuesday night (11/1/16) showing of ‘Birth’ and is giving away the tickets while they last.

How could this be if they stopped showing ‘Birth’ at the theater? Maybe this whole mess is just one big bad dream.

Here’s the timeline I based my information on. According to the Delaware County Daily Times Movie Guide, ‘Birth’ was last shown at Brandywine Regal on Thursday; did not show on Friday or Saturday; but, made a comeback on Sunday and is scheduled to run for the rest of the week with three shows a day.

Maybe Friday and Saturday’s aren’t good days to see ‘Birth of a Nation’ and the theater has our best interest at heart. Or maybe, ‘Birth’s’ time at Brandywine Theater wasn’t really up. Or maybe, their staff just had to have a team meeting and cooling off period to figure things out before considering to bring the movie back on. Or maybe, the Delaware County Daily Times blew it.

Or maybe they’re just jerking us around.

In any case, if you can catch up with Devon Walls before he distributes an entire theater full of free tickets for the 7:30pm Tuesday show of ‘Birth of a Nation’ at the now infamous Brandywine Regal Theater in North Wilmington, DE., you can go see the movie in a full house. Not many people can claim to have had that experience with this movie.

Thanks SuperDev!