Despite the doom and gloom headlines and the totally confusing actions of our State Supreme Court and state law makers, at least state Senator Tom Killion is cool as a cucumber as those people figure out who is going to pay what by when and to whom.

In today’s Delaware County Daily Times, a new article, pretty much rehashing all of what’s going on with this situation, included this little gem…

Delaware County’s senators are convinced both the county and Chester will get their money, regardless if senators choose to address the issue when they reconvene Nov. 16 or in the new year. This year’s session ends Nov. 30.

“I am very confident, very confident that this will work out,” state Sen. Tom Killion, R-9, of Middletown, said. “This is not panic time. The casino’s still down there. People are still gaming … We just need to find a way to get it flowing again.”

When someone says they are ‘very confident’ twice,  you just gotta believe them.

Interestingly, we never hear that the casino people are putting up a fight. They never said they won’t pay. They’re probably just sitting back with pen in hand ready to write out a check as soon as someone tells them who to write it out to and for how much.

Killion added, “I don’t believe for a second that Harrah’s is going to want to hurt the county or the city of Chester.”

I’ve got to eat my words from yesterday’s post. It looks like if the very confident people start to get less confident as time passes, they expect to roll the dice and meet with Harrah’s folks to persuade them to write that check.

State Sen. Thomas McGarrigle, R-26, of Springfield, said he expected that he, Killion, and officials from the county and Chester would meet with Harrah’s representatives in the next couple of weeks.

As every good casino movie goes, these guys absolutely need a theme song playing when they walk into Harrah’s. I recommend Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have My Money.”