Yesterday’s post featuring the video captured by Devon Walls of his encounters with Brandywine Regal Theater employees trying to explain why they were denying customers the opportunity to view ‘Birth of a Nation’ because it was listed as sold-out when there were only 2 people in the theater, has been seen by over  1 million viewers.

Even the post on this blog, which normally averages a meager 300 views a day, exploded to nearly 6000 views.

Devon and I were invited to speak on the Nick Taliaferro Show on WURD 900AM yesterday to talk about his experience at the theater. Devon reiterated to the radio audience what he encountered at the theater followed by taking questions from the listeners. It’s clear that others have had strange experiences with this movie, too. But no one has run into the sold-out scenario as Devon and crew did.

As this story breaks around the country thanks to the outreach of social media, expect to see the larger media outlets swoop down on Chester to learn more about the case of the 2 ticket sell-out of ‘Birth of a Nation.’