I had the pleasure of being invited to participate in the Career Day at Chester Charter School for the Arts. While there, I got to meet and mingle with some of the other career professionals, school staff, board members, and students.

I can’t provide any evidence that I was there because no one takes a photo of the photographer and I plum forgot to take photos of the two 6th grade classes I spoke to.

So, here are some photos of others participating in Career Day at CCSA.

No, not a prayer meeting, just final instructions before we take off to the classrooms.
Obviously, he left the house with Best Dressed on his mind.
I’m not sure why they look so happy, but everyone shared that look. 
Something tells me the coach was recruiting for his football team.
He’s not permitted to disclose the dollar amount of the big business transaction, but I hear it was very rewarding.
Is the guy in the back trying to obtain top secret classroom assignment information?
Something tells me that whatever class these guys spoke, they found students on their very best behavior.