Philadelphia, PA – One million.  That’s the approximate number of divorces that occur each year according to national statistics. That’s two million people rising from the rubble and wasteland of broken relationships to restart their lives anew.

On Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2016, 6pm-7:30pm, the public is invited to attend a special lecture entitled: “Divorce Decision: Stay or Go?” – presented by Greater Enon Missionary Baptist Church, 1854 N. 22nd Street, Phila, PA 19121.  Lecturer: Rev. Michael Robinson, M.S., Counseling – Senior Pastor.

This lecture is open to the general public and will…

  • explore some major root causes that lead to divorce
  • compare/contrast Biblical and secular worldviews on divorce
  • offer corporate prayer for healthy and struggling marriages
  • offer informative resource materials and community counseling resources for married couples

“A marriage can become susceptible to getting sick. Germs and viruses like infidelity, distrust, abuse, mismanagement of money, toxic family and friends, etc., can infect a marriage and cause it to become feverishly ill. And in extreme cases, a sick marriage can sadly end in relational death – DIVORCE,” says Rev. Robinson.

Emotional pain and relationship loss aside, divorce can be financially devastating.  Divorce has evolved into a billion dollar industry in America.  Courts, lawyers, accountants, therapists and others have enriched themselves off the emotional pain, trauma and catastrophic loss that results from divorce.

According to an article “Divorce is Big Business” published by the news service Hawaii Business, it reported that “…divorces involve more than just lawyers. There are also accountants, parenting consultants and other niche specialists to be paid, plus the money spent by the newly single to rebuild their lives. While hard numbers are impossible to nail down, various trade and business groups estimate the U.S. divorce industry falls somewhere between a conservative $50 billion a year and a startling $175 billion. By contrast, industry and trade groups put the wedding industry somewhere between $40 billion to $51 billion every year.”

“I am an advocate for healthy marriages,” said Rev. Robinson.  “It’s my heart’s desire that all marriages thrive and succeed, but sadly, some don’t.  The goal of the Divorce Decision: Stay or Go? lecture is to offer participants an informative Biblical and practical perspective on the pros and cons of divorce.”

Rev. Robinson is an international motivational speaker, pre-marriage and married couple’s counselor, an ordained clergyman (Pennsylvania Eastern Keystone Baptist Association), and he earned his Master of Science degree in Counseling from Philadelphia Biblical University (now Cairn University,) in Langhorne, PA.
For more information about the “Divorce Decision: Stay or Go?” public lecture, call the church: (215) 765-3135.