That’s right, I said it. I don’t like Kevin Hart. I know some of y’all saying that I must be crazy to not like the biggest black star working today. So, let me explain.

I love Kevin Hart, I just don’t like his brand of comedy. He’s a funny guy, a good actor, and his physical humor is among the best in the business. But, when it comes to comedy, Kevin Hart isn’t my go-to guy.

What I love about Kevin Hart is his amazing success, his work ethic, his vision, his North Philly roots, and his general good guy persona.

I saw his latest movie yesterday, ‘What Now?’. Hart took the live comedy concert movie to a new level with an incredibly entertaining pre and post movie which sandwiched his actual performance at the sold out Lincoln Financial Field. Today, I listened to the movie soundtrack, and it is great. The comedy concert movie was a great production and it’s interesting to see how a comic can engage that many people in such a large space. Kevin Hart found a way to make it work.

Earlier this week, I stumbled on a podcast episode where Kevin Hart was interviewed for over an hour. I’ve never heard Hart talk for more than a few minutes and thought that whoever could sit him down for that long must be close to him and a lot would be shared.

If you are a true Kevin Hart fan and want to know the work he put in to get to where he is today, do yourself a favor and listen to the ‘Industry Standards with Barry Katz’ podcast episode with Kevin Hart.

Kevin Hart is a bad man.