The 500 block of Avenue of the States is going trough a renaissance with old businesses being flipped into theaters and abandoned storefronts turning into art galleries. A couple businesses have survived for years on the block when almost everything around them was shuttered. One of them is a diner.

Most of us call it The Cambridge, but the new owners call is Sunny Diner. There have been several new owners in the past few years, all of them Asian and all of them virtually unknown to the customers. Despite the new face behind the cash register, the glue that keeps the diner so popular is Miss Emma and the great breakfast food.

I believe Miss Emma has served as waitress for close to 10 years, through many different owners of the diner. Her service is top notch as every customer gets undivided attention, fast response, and the food they asked for.

Recently, two ladies have joined Miss Emma (left) to work the busy breakfast & lunch crowd. Miss Nish (middle) and Miss Shell (right) bring a lot of energy and professionalism to the counter, tables, and take-out orders which makes the three of them a dynamic team. There’s hardly a customer that enters the diner that doesn’t know at least one of them personally which makes the place a perfect hometown diner.

We may never know a thing about the owners because the face of The Cambridge/Sunny Diner is Emma, Nish, and Shell. If you’ve never had breakfast there, check it out for yourself. If you can find a seat, you’ll understand why the diner has been going strong for so long.

It’s always great to see your food being cooked and this young man does an amazing  job on the grill keeping up with all the orders.