Chester, Pa. Join the leaders of the Diverse Business Supportive Services Center at this free seminar on Thursday, October 20th, 2016. This workshop will provide attendees with tips and strategies for working with PennDOT and securing Pennsylvania state-funded contracts.

Why work with PennDOT?

  • PennDOT awards over $1 Billion to Prime Consultants and Contractors every year.
  • PennDOT uses consultant firms when the demand for services exceeds the Department’s ability to provide those services in a timely manner. Your business owner’s interest will be best served if they understand PennDOT’s processes.
  • PennDOT uses various types of structural and highway engineers and consultants. Affiliated with those services are construction inspection, geotechnical, environmental, surveying,and many other specialties and disciplines.

This seminar is offered at no cost to you.
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Contact Peter Hornberger, SBDC Assistant Director, for additional information. (610) 619-8493 or