I couldn’t help but to be amused at how the tragic story of a man and his dog shot during a botched home invasion was written in today’s Delaware County Daily Times. Clearly, there should be nothing there to amuse me, but a related story occurred on a TV show episode last week.

First, the newspaper article.

It starts off with the typical reporting of details of the crime, a description of the suspects, and an update on the condition of the man and dog.

Then, the story goes into a ‘Meanwhile…’ mode.

With no regard to the man, the SPCA put up a $1000 reward for the shooter of the dog. The entire remaining 7 paragraphs of the article has everything to do with the dog, and nothing to say about the man. They even list a website to send a donation for the dog’s care but no address to send a get-well card to the man.

Now for the TV show reference.

On episode 5 of ‘Atlanta,’ …Darius buys a gun, heads to a gun range, and uses a poster of a dog as his target. The other men shooting at the range have a problem with him shooting a dog target, they put down their guns and a heated conflict arises. Good ol’ philosophical Darius brings up a solid point to the gun owners: “why would I shoot a human target?”

Writing about this scene does it no justice, but to see it, it was one of the funniest moments of TV I’ve seen in a long time.

People love their dogs. I get that. But if someone can forward me the address of ‘Mr. Township Man,’ I sincerely would send him a get-well card.