I put out a Facebook post earlier this week asking if I was the only one looking forward to Luke Cage coming to Netflix on Friday. The only person to respond was my sister who said her son, my nephew, is as hyped as I am. I’d love to sit with him to watch it, but he lives in Seattle.

Well, it’s obvious that there must be a lot of closet Luke Cage fans because heavy usage is the alleged blame for the show being shut down by Netflix on Saturday.

I watched the 2nd episode on my Apple TV late Saturday afternoon and noticed that only episode 1 and 2 were available to view. I thought it was an Apple issue so I found something else to do. Before bed, I fired up the Roku and all the Luke Cage episodes were there.

If there was ever a sign that black super heros are long overdue, Luke Cage and Netflix proved that point.

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