Here are three examples of arts integration in action right now in CCSA’s classrooms:

Good vibrations: CCSA first graders are learning about sound in science class – how sound is made and how we hear it. They study vibration in music class and are making their own percussion instruments in visual arts class. At the same time, in social studies, they learn how music is integral to community and culture, studying gamelan (an Indonesian folk instrument) through a program led by Swarthmore College Music Professor Tom Whitman.

The food truck angle: Our eighth graders are building 3-D model food trucks in math class. While studying geometry, our students aren’t just learning to measure angles. They are using geometry skills in tandem with visual art skills to construct their colorful models.

Acts of gods: Our ninth and tenth graders are learning about the Classical world. They are studying Greek myths in English class, creating portraits of the Greek gods in visual arts, and developing character studies based on Greek myths in drama. Actors from The Lantern Theater will visit our high school classrooms to teach aspects of An Iliad, which the Philadelphia theater company will be performing this fall.

These examples demonstrate that teaching through a combination of disciplines engages multiple senses and skill sets and creates a dynamic educational environment. I’ve seen that through arts integration, students develop a deep and broad understanding of academic content, develop their creativity and problem-solving skills and gain respect for new and different ideas and experiences.
Arts programs and arts integration make CCSA the best in the district. These programs also require financial investment every year. I encourage you to make a donation here to help the amazing work at CCSA continue.