While hanging with the fellas down the road a piece with CNN playing on the big screen, one of the guys asked me why I wasn’t ‘covering’ the Trump rally in Chester. He couldn’t believe I didn’t know Trump was in Chester.

The guy isn’t from around here and didn’t know that Chester Township and Chester City are two different places…sort of. There are parts of neighboring Chester Township that is hard to distinguish from Chester City except for the color of the street signs (Chester’s are blue, Chester Township’s are red). But, that section of Chester Township on the other side of the railroad tracks with its cemeteries, industrial parks, and movie studios is vastly different from Chester City.

The Trump rally was on the other side of the tracks at the movie studio, just about a mile from Chester City.

After I explained the geography to the guy, I got to thinking that Trump may have missed a golden opportunity by not making an appearance on our side of the tracks. However futile his efforts will be to sway black voters, he does seem to be creating the appearance that he’s trying.

A few weeks ago, he was spotted in a church in Detroit. If that’s part of his strategy, there are over 100 registered churches in Chester he could have choose to visit. Considering he came to Chester Township to espouse his platform that included repairing inner-city communities, he was only 1 mile away from the city listed as the most dangerous in America. Surely, Chester would have made a better backdrop for those comments than that movie studio.

Wouldn’t his comments that “The main victims of these violent demonstrations are law-abiding African Americans who live in these communities and only want to raise their children in safety and peace with a good education” been more credible if they were delivered in an African American community only 1 mile away?

Could Trump’s statement that ‘the problem is not that there are too many police…The problem is that there are not enough police… Our men and women in blue need our support, our thanks, and our gratitude’ have been welcomed if delivered in front of Chester police officers who could be losing their jobs if the Act 47 recovery plan is executed?

If blacks and Hispanics across America heard Trump say the following statement while standing in Chester, would he be taken more serious?

“..to the African American community, I say to the Hispanic community, these are communities in the inner cities that have tremendous levels of poverty, bad education and no jobs, and the cities are so dangerous, you go to the store and you or your child gets shot,”… I say to you, what do you have to lose?”

Trump was only 1 mile away. Did he not know he was right down the street from a city with tremendous levels of poverty, bad education and no jobs that’s so dangerous kids get shot going to the store?

Trump spent quite a bit of time discussing how manufacturing jobs have left Pennsylvania and how jobs have been lost. Did anyone whisper in his ear that Chester, not Chester Township, is the poster child of manufacturing flight?

Maybe the local Republicans didn’t tell him how close he was to his talking points. Maybe they thought he was close enough. Maybe the Democrat’s protest was so strong that he coward from stepping on their turf.

Even if Trump couldn’t find a church to host him in Chester, bringing his motorcade through the city so he could look out the window and have others look at him may have made someone think that he seems to care. In fact, Trump didn’t have to go all the way to Philly for a cheese steak. Someone could have directed him to Lee’s Market on 22nd and Madison. The headlines would read…’Trump on Madi-Block’.

Maybe we’re just spoiled. Obama campaigned in Chester which makes some of us think presidential candidates do know we exist. I doubt if Trump will be back and we’ll see if Clinton will make her way here.

If not, someone will still be our next president, regardless.