Move over Rondae Jefferson, Jameer Nelson, and Tyreke Evans. Miss Tavia Isaac is Chester’s newest and brightest star.

When it was announced that Miss Isaac would be competing to win “Chopped Jr.”, that’s all everyone was talking about around town. Folks who don’t even know where the Food Network is on their cable box went scrambling, surfing, and searching for it to stage their own version of a watch party.

I only got to see about 30 secs of the show and didn’t learn that she won until seeing her splashed on the front page of the Delaware County Daily Times the following morning. However, I tuned in at the 2nd best time of the show, if you consider being crowned the winner the best part of the show.

Just as I found the show, Miss Isaac was asked by one of the judges what she would do with the money if she wins. She said something like…”I’m from Chester, Pennsylvania and there are a lot of homeless people. I’m going to do something to help them.”

How great to read in today’s

She will dedicate part of the cash prize to develop healthy eating programs and also to help feed the needy and homeless in her home town.

Miss Isaac may not be a NBA multi-millionaire, but her pledge of contribution to the needy deserves to rank her among the real super stars.