At 8 p.m. on September 20, Tavia Isaac will officially become a star and be seen by the nation on Food Network Chopped Junior as a contestant for the new season. It is the second season of the show bringing the excitement to kid chefs and wondering whats in the mystery box.

Like it’s predecessor Chopped, four chefs compete, however, these contestants are between the ages of 9 and 15. Their challenge is to take a mystery basket of ingredients and turn them into a dish that is judged on its creativity, presentation and taste. On each round, the chefs are given a basket containing between three and five ingredients, and the dish each competitor prepares must use each ingredient in some way, and although forgetting an ingredient isn’t an automatic disqualification, the judges will take it into consideration. The ingredients are often not commonly prepared together.
Unlike the adult version of Chopped, the younger competitors are given 30 minutes for the appetizer round, but the entrée and dessert rounds are both still 30 minutes.

About Tavia Isaac (age 12)
One-night in a hospital changed Kid Chef Tavia’s world! Tavia Issac was born in Reading, Pa but shortly after her mother moved back to her hometown of Chester,Pa. Living a normal child’s life, riding bikes and playing with dolls is what you think a normal 8 year-old child would be doing. However that isn’t this kid’s storybook life. After several long years, in and out of the hospital, missing school and playing with friends, Chef Tavia was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. Her symptoms were so severe, she was unable to do many activities most young children her age could do. While fighting this disease, Tavia still managed to remain consistent in her school studies and becoming an outstanding student attending Agora Cyber Charter School. In August 2015, Tavia underwent surgery to have her colon removed and since then her life has improved tremendously. But one night in the emergency room with her Grandmother changed her life. Her Grandmother turned on the hospital television and began watching the Food Network Channel, to her favorite show Chopped. Ever since, Kid Chef Tavia has been in the kitchen.

Tavia says, “Cooking is so much fun. You can be creative and invent new recipes.” It’s all about southern comfort and global cuisine for this kid chef. Tavia will also be releasing a memoir about being diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. Her dream is to pursue a career in Gastroenterology and become a Culinary Instructor. Watch out for this warm and full of energy young lady, because she’s not afraid to take on anything that comes her way.

(I wasn’t granted a photo of Ms. Isaac, but if you click the link, you’ll see her Food Network photo).