I’ve paid money to see some bad plays, so I had nothing to lose when Jim Turner offered to comp me a ticket to see ‘Annie’ at New Life Ministries (10 West 7th St., Chester). Folks have comped me in the past in return for a review, but if what I see isn’t favorable, I refuse to write anything.

Not the case with ‘Annie’.


If I could define the perfect play, this would be it. Everything was right. The staging, casting, costumes, lighting, sound, music, acting, dancing, and pace were so perfect that I finally understood what Devon Walls meant when we spoke about their former run of this play a few months ago. Devon was surprised I hadn’t seen the play and only offered one statement to describe it. He said, “It’s a Broadway production.” And Devon has no involvement with the play.

I’ve learned to trust anything Devon says about the arts as sincere, so when I heard the play was making a second run, I was interested to see it.


I couldn’t stay for the entire show tonight, but I’m packing my car with folks when I come back next week to see the whole thing.

I highly recommend you do the same.

For tickets and showtime call 610.874.8752. I believe shows will be on Saturday and Sunday at 6pm thru September.