‘Start It. Grow It.’ is a multi-part 10 week course that is designed to teach the fundamentals of planning, running, and growing a successful business.

If you own a business, about to own a business, or dreaming of owning a business, this class should be required. NO WHERE ELSE will you get this education for $99. Once you complete the course, your relationship with Entrepreneur Works lasts forever.

Besides helping you start or grow an existing business, this course has helped many many people realize they weren’t ready to start a business, saving them time, money, and a lot of headache. However, they learned what it would take to get ready.

You will learn:

How to make money in your business
How to get lenders, investors, customers to understand your business
How to identify your competition and compete
How to research your industry/market
How to price your product/service
How to strategize for funding
How to set goals and how to achieve them

Class meets:
Saturdays 10:00am-1:00pm September 24-December 10

Cost: $99 Register

A lot of people have gone through these classes over the years, including me.