Sometimes I think I’m the only person missing parts of the picture the City is Chester is trying to paint in its attempt of a recovery plan. Today, the folks at the Delaware County Daily Times stepped out of their stiff reporter shoes and slipped on their opinion slippers where it’s a lot more comfortable to speak your mind.

I find comfort in knowing there is at least one other entity who wonders how all this is going to work out for Chester.

EConsult painted a grim picture – and suggested drastic actions to stem the flow or red ink.

So what was the city’s reaction? It’s going to build a new consolidated fire station. And a new downtown hotel.

You’re not the only one shaking your head.

If you say you’re going to build something, that implies you’re going to pay for it, too. Obviously, some franchise will put up the money to build a hotel, and I don’t know where the money is coming from for a firehouse.

However, Mayor Kirkland believes there’s a pot of gold in the state capitol with Chester’s name written all over it…

Kirkland also plans a full-court press on his friends in Harrisburg – where he has spent more than two decades as a state representative – to push for more funding for the city and other financially distressed communities.

From witnessing the past two budget sessions in the State, there doesn’t seem to be much wiggle room in their budget to share with little cities like Chester. If there were, wouldn’t you rather see any spare change go to the school district with the $24 million deficit?

Kirkland remains confident that the city is on the right track, that more and more developers will turn to Chester as a relatively untapped commodity.

More and more developers? More than what? Who are these developers knocking down our doors? In an earlier article Kirkland says he’s back in discussion with the Buccini Brothers who failed to deliver the hotel, retail, and residential project on the waterfront when they built the soccer stadium. We’ll probably never know what was discussed, but whatever it was, there’s no backhoes showing up any time in the near future.

The Delaware County Times opinion makers close with…

The city is betting on new development.

It’d better be right.