How can place, history and community themes inspire artists and community members to create together? And how can this collaboration build new civic bonds and strengthen existing ones?

This hands-on workshop will engage participants in methods for generating work from place, personal and community stories, and offer opportunities for conversation, brainstorming and envisioning art projects inspired by the city of Chester and its rich assets.

Playwright/scholar Hank Willbenbrink and director/teaching artist David Bradley bring in-depth experience exploring history and expressing community through theatre and art-making.

Participants will receive a stipend to compensate them for their time. No previous theater experience is required!

Friday, September 9th
A performance of A Bridge Apart, written and directed by Devon Walls and Robert Reutter.
6:30pm in Alumni Auditorium, Widener University
This event is free and open to the public

Saturday, September 10th
Workshop facilitated by Hank Willenbrink and David Bradley
9:00am-5:00pm at the MJ Freed Theater, 515 Avenue of the States, Chester, PA
Lunch will be provided