If there was any question that folks from out of town read this blog, it manifested itself this week as I played the role of Director of  Visitor Bureau and Tourism, Gospel Concerts, and Mary Mary Directions.

I almost got to the point of not answering unknown numbers as calls kept coming in asking all kinds of questions about yesterday’s concert. How much are tickets; where do I park; how’s the seating arranged; is there food; what’s the line up; what time are they coming on; what’s the dress code; is it in the stadium, etc., etc., etc.

Yesterday, the panic calls came in. Where is it; I can’t find it; what’s the address. One lady even asked ‘Where’s Chester Park?”

A full day of gospel music is a bit much for me, but, if I didn’t have other obligations I probably would have stopped by for a few. Based on the Facebook posts, it appears everything went off without a hitch, although all I’ve seen is shaky Mary Mary videos.

Congrats to the City of Chester for staging another successful Ramble now called ChesterFest. If those nit picking state guys have their way, there won’t be another one unless it’s fully paid for by sponsors, but we know there will be another ChesterFest next year, regardless.

I just hope there’s a big bold phone number prominently displayed on next year’s posters that people can call who are looking for information. I won’t promise to be so gracious next year.