A small group of library heads gathered in City Hall’s Community Room last night to thank LaTanya Burno for her outstanding leadership during her 9 years as director of Chester’s J. Lewis Crozer Library.


Gathered were library board members and staff members – old and new, the group that calls themselves  ‘Friends of Crozer Library’, a couple City Council ladies, food by Cheryl’s Southern Style, and a blogger.

Latanya-1-6Everyone remarked on how LaTanya pursued constant improvements to the entire library experience even on the brink of bankruptcy. Special thanks went out to the people who helped make the special tax that Chester residents approved that contributes a few dollars a year towards the library. It was a last ditched effort that ended up saving the library just in case you find yourself questioning that item on your tax bill.

Joseph Saunders, former president of Crozer-Chester Hospital and former Crozer Library board president had a few things to say.

Even as LaTanya leaves, a $10,000 gift has been awarded to the library to upgrade the community room. I believe that gift is from Widener University. I’m sure I’ll hear about it if it wasn’t.

The gift was ticking but it wasn’t a bomb

So, off to the tony suburbs of Marple she goes. If what LaTanya accomplished in Chester is any indication of what she can do when operating with meager resources, those folks in Marple are going to be blown away with what’s coming down the pike for them.

LaTanya looks torn as the library’s newest employee begs her to stay

Marple is in the Delaware County Library System so it’s like LaTanya is still with us, but in a new office up the road a piece. She’s not leaving her post at Crozer Library until Friday. Stop by and say goodbye.