In preparation to a move into the podcast space, I’ve been going deep into podcast self study mode for the past month and a half.

Most of my focus has been on the technical aspects of podcasting while sifting through podcasts in search of a few to subscribe and listen on a regular basis.

One of my favorites is a brand new podcast from Washington Post big shot Jonathan Capehart.  ‘Cape Up’ is only 3 episodes in and they are all good. However, the latest episode with Darrin Walker, president of the $12 billion Ford Foundation, is great.

Walker offers profound insights in how growing up poor, black, and gay has shaped his humanity and views on philanthropy.

“I didn’t have to study the context of a low-income, rural community to know about poverty. I lived that experience.”

Walker is definitely operating in rare air as he rubs shoulders with the richest of the rich in his daily travels. However, he doesn’t seemed phased by their influence and does not  hesitate to call them out on their cavalier use of privilege. Walker offers opinion on how privilege should be used for change and not to maintain the status quo. It is a refreshing insight.

Read an overview of the Darrin Walker ‘Cape Up’ podcast which includes a player to listen to it

You’ve gotta watch this Darrin Walker video for the surprise ending. It’s less than 3 minutes.