In an era where professional athletes are rewarded with multi-million dollar sneaker and apparel endorsement deals that are designed to encourage their fans to pay inflated prices for footwear and hoodies, it’s good to know that some athletes represent companies that offer products and services that are designed to improve the quality of life.

I read where Steph Curry turned down a lucrative deal with some nonsense company but took much less money to represent Brita Water Filters, because that’s what he wants to represent.

I’m not sure how many deals Tyreke is turning down, but I’m proud to see his continued association with VSP Vision.

Since his rookie year, Tyreke and VSP Vision have brought their fancy eye lab trailer to Chester and offered free eye exams and free glasses to the community.

They both were in town this past Saturday and Sunday. The VSP trailer was parked in front of Chester High School and Tyreke was in the gym conducting a basketball clinic, I’m told.

In a crazy series of events, I wasn’t permitted to go any further than the front door in my attempt to take a few pics of the basketball camp. Chester High School security strictly enforced a ‘nobody gets past us’ policy. They did walk my business card to whoever was in charge, but I got impatient waiting in the lobby and left.

A representative from VSP did call me after I left and invited me back to the basketball camp and to interview Tyreke, but I was already at the Asbury AME Chuch Community Day who welcomed me in with open arms. In fact, there wasn’t anything I wanted to chat to Tyreke about, but I did want you to see him working with the kids in his camp.

I can only imagine some things have changed at VSP since this is the first year I wasn’t invited ahead of their visit to participate. But, I’m not mad at them or Tyreke. Their association is one of the best examples of how I’d love to see more athletes and celebrities give back to the community.

Look forward to seeing you both next year.

At least the people in the VSP vision trailer let me in. Say hi to Emma Crews, Mobile Clinic Operations Manager – Industry Outreach.