After nine years at the helm, LaTanya Burno is moving on from Chester’s Lewis Crozer Library to become director of the Marple Public Library in Broomall.

The impact she’s had on the Crozer Library during her tenure is amazing, especially considering the hand she was dealt. She’s almost single handedly kept the doors open at Crozer Library in the midst of a dire financial situation with a nearly depleted endowment fund, eliminated local government funding, and little opportunity for earning revenue in our impoverished city.

Despite all the obstacles, LaTanya has provided steady employment to a dedicated staff, increased the programing the community requires, updated furniture, modernized and nearly tripled the number of computers for public use, installed Wi-Fi, updated the bathrooms, beautified the exterior with murals, and juggled the budget to make it all look easy. She’s done all this and more during a time where libraries everywhere are closing in record numbers.

But for me, LaTanya is a true friend. There have been countless times I’ve sought her out at the library just to have someone to talk to. She’s never failed to offer advice, counsel, encouragement, and love. She always supports my work in the community and has provided me full access to the library to do whatever I need to do to.

I affectionately call her ‘Boss Lady’ out of respect for who she is and what she does.

The only consolation to library director LaTanya Burno leaving Chester’s Lewis Crozer Library is that she’s taking her talents to the Marple Library in Broomall, so she’ll still be close by.

On behalf of all of Chester, whether you know LaTanya or not, we thank you for all that you’ve done during your time here. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed.