Chester, Pa. – Widener University held its fourth annual day of service for freshmen on Thursday, August 25. About 250 members of the “Class of 2020,” joined upperclassmen in a day of giving back to the community.

On their third day on campus, students visited community service sites and assisted with a number of volunteer activities from helping set up for the upcoming One Day event in Chester to organizing book bags for students at CityTeam Ministries. At the end of the day students will reflect on their experiences.

“We want to provide students with a holistic learning experience,” Gretchen Mielke, assistant dean of Civic Engagement at Widener University, said. “We hope that this day of service is just the beginning of their journey in becoming engaged citizens of the word and active members of the local community.”

This year students started the day with creative playmaking workshops led by Devon Walls of Boundaries and Bridges and Sharon Meagher, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. Students will learn about things that go on behind the scenes in the arts, as well as take part in spoken word poetry and painting exercises.