The first thing I noticed when I walked into my son’s Denver apartment were the two paintings on the wall: Lauryn Hill and Mos Def. I asked who did them. He asked if I wanted to meet him.

Denver artist, Thomas Evans, aka Detour, was sort of up and coming in October 2015 when I met him, but it was clear that his star was about to shine brightly.DSC03773

I saw his work at local restaurants. I saw him creating a commissioned live painting of young Stevie Wonder. I saw him on the street painting murals. I sat with him in his studio where he shared his soon to be patented ‘interactive art’ that you have to see and hear to believe.

While in his studio,  he swore us to secrecy as he showed us the photos he took that were to be used in his ‘They Still Live’ photo project which blends modern day African Americans to ancestor Africans. That photo project was recently featured on CNN and Huffington Post.

What an amazing talent!