It’s difficult to not continue to present the ongoing work going on by the artists and crafts people doing things on Chester’s Ave of the States.

Just recently, a new furniture refinisher has opened. She specializes in turning old ugly furniture into beautifully painted furniture. The furniture works great for the baby’s nursery or a children’s room, or to add colorful pieces to light up a room in the home or workplace. More on that business later.

Here’s a few photos of new stuff from the old guys on the block.

The things Butcher Rehab does turning scraps of wood into functional, beautiful pieces of furniture is outrageous.
The near finishing touches have been placed on the MJ Freed Theater. New chairs, red carpet, a new stage with removable risers, a backstage dressing room, blacked out paint, and a soon to arrive fancy movie screen that will do that dramatic slow roll down from the ceiling.
Let’s call this the VIP section of the theater. Flip Wilson would call it… “the booth, in the back, in the corner, in the dark.”
Also on display at Butcher Rehab is ‘The Rat Trap’. No, they don’t have a HUGE rodent problem, however, if anyone ever rats on you, try setting this thing up at their front door and see if they get the hint.