It’s rare to see a TV news story on Chester that doesn’t have images of police cars, fire trucks, or politicians. CBS-Philly stopped by to shine a new light on the biggest positive story going on the city with a short segment on the work Devon Walls is leading in the transformation of Avenue of the States between 5th and 6th streets from blight to bright.

The most important take away from the piece should be that Devon and his partners are buying properties to transform. Without total ownership this movement would not be happening.

Now that Devon has purchased several buildings on the block, there is a new sense of value for the remaining properties. Where property owners used to take any offer to get these near abandoned buildings off their hands, an increased competition and value has escalated to the point that folks are nearly fighting each other to grab up the last few available lots.

If there was ever an example of how to bring value back to an area, Devon Walls is the one to keep an eye on. He’s raising the bar for all of us who care about turning Chester into a place to be proud of again.

Click to view the CBS-Philly news story on Devon Walls and the Chester Arts Renaissance.