Raise your hand if you believe the city of Chester will pay the $5,000 reward for each of the 17 murders this year.

The city probably won’t have to come up with the money because $5,000 doesn’t seem to be incentive enough based on the number of checks issued so far this year. The more time passes, the less likely anyone will come forward.

I don’t know the details on the reward money, but my guess is that there is no time limit to claim this money. If, ten years from now, someone with knowledge of the killer has their facts straight, will they still be entitled to the reward?

Why not put a time limit on it? Even Pennsylvania lottery tickets expire after a year, so should reward money expire? Would people come forward if they knew the reward money was only available for one year?

If the money goes unclaimed, the money shouldn’t just disappear. It should be used for something productive and appropriate.

I suggest all reward money that goes unclaimed get forwarded to the Crozer Library. It’s  city government that couldn’t find the $100,000 they used to contribute annually to the library that caused the library to close their doors on Mondays.

With 17 murders to date, the city has already pledged $85,000 in reward money. Chances are, the city will find themselves nearing the $100,000 mark before year’s end. To be fair, I recommend we cap the reward transfer to the library at $100,000 just in case we exceed 20 murders.

Despite the dire financial circumstances in city government, they obviously have reward money stashed away somewhere. But, since most of this reward money will go unclaimed, why not spend it anyway and bring Mondays back to our library?

Don’t we want to support full employment, Internet usage, family values, and a safe place for our children to learn?