It appears the residents of Chester were so interested in hearing what the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development Governor’s Center for Local Government Services had to say about their  MUNICIPALITIES FINANCIAL RECOVERY PLAN FOR THE CITY OF CHESTER that folding chairs in the aisle weren’t enough to contain the overflow crowd that arrived at the City Hall council chambers and were ushered to the community room at the insistence of the fire chief.

The parking lot was full. Firemen showed up in their pumpers. News vans reminded those driving on Rt 291 that something important was going on inside.

However, across the street in Ethel Waters Park, the oldies party was in full force with the DJ blasting tunes and the boppers steppin to the beat.

I was in the Bennett Homes attending the Ruth L. Bennett movie premier in the community center but couldn’t stay for the children’s outdoor movie night.

There was something for everybody going on in Chester last night. But, only one event will likely hit the front page tomorrow.