Call me a cynic, but it makes no sense to collect cases of water and drive them across the country.


  1. Water is heavy
  2. Heavy water in a truck burns more gasoline that costs money and pollutes the air
  3. Water is already available at the destination

A gallon of water weights 8.3 pounds making a case of 24 – 12oz waters about 19 pounds. If you’re transporting 190 cases like the Chester folks sent to Flint, it’s 3,600 pounds of water – over a ton and a half. Cleveland just sent Philly ‘thousands’ of cases of water in two trucks. You do the math.

When the neighborhood grocer is stocked with water and you want to buy some for someone across the country, wire them some money to buy their own. You save a ton of money on gas, you become one less vehicle on the road, you save your back, and you’re still considered a hero.

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