Right before intermission of last night’s concert at Andre Cafe Acoustique, these young fellas rode up to see what all the commotion was about.

Six boys pulled up with their 5 bikes reminding me of my boyhood days riding all over the city on bikes with my buddies. Their ‘leader’ introduce them as ‘The Swear Boys’ who enjoy riding and doing stunts on their bikes.

It was hot and they were tired and sweating. One of them asked if there was any water available. In a gesture of immense generosity, Dr. Chris Hannum, M.D. reached in his pocket and bought each of them a cold bottle of H20 and received a big ‘Thank you, sir’ from the boys.

Andre’s owner, Paul Fejko wouldn’t let the moment pass without insisting that in exchange for the water, they had to listen to the final song the band was playing leading up to intermission. The boys complied but I’m not convinced they’ll be heading to the Montreux Jazz fest any time soon.

Now, here comes the most hilarious part of the night. As folks all came outside to grub on the delicious food prepared by the Italian Brothers, one of the boys came up to Paul and said…”You wanna see me Willy?” Paul said, “What?” Again, he asked, “You wanna see me Willy?”

This was going to go on forever until I couldn’t take it no more. Paul looked at me and asked, “What the hell is he asking me?”

After finally composing myself from laughing, I told Paul that he’s asking if you want to see him pull a wheelie.

When Paul said yes, all of them hopped on their bikes and wheelied up and down Edgmont Avenue to the delight of us all.


It’s so cool to see young boys having fun!