Did anyone catch the list of Delaware County graduates in the Sunday paper? Two things caught my eye. One, 40 Chester residents graduated from Widener. Two, no Chester residents graduated from anywhere else.

I don’t know if there’s some master list of all county graduates somewhere that the paper pulled from, or if they compiled it from people who informed them who graduated from where. I’ve got a sneaky suspicion at least one person from Chester graduated from some other college besides Widener this spring. But, I could be as wrong as two left shoes.

To see 40 Chester residents as Widener graduates tells me that Chester folks are attending like never before. That’s a good thing. Some of the surnames aren’t from familiar families that I know, so I’d like to welcome the AlMasar, Almazroa, AlQahtani, Chau, Tran, Upadhyay, Wang, Xiao, Li and Zhus as some of the families who are calling Chester home.

Here’s the list of Widener graduates from Chester found in at Delcotimes.com:

Mohammed AlMasar, Saad Almazroa, Saeed AlQahtani, Robert Alston, Mohommed Anding, Madia Barbour, Tara Brown, Tyler Burns, Ryan Carson, Candice Celestine, Amber Chapman, Chin Pui Chau, Mischelle Clark, Stephan Clayton, Troy Czapor, Anthony Davis, Amir Farag, Omar Ford-Bey, Ka’shawn Garnes, Jay Gifford, Rosetta Goba, Andrea Harris, Whitney Howzell, Verniece Jackson, Jutee Joe, Erika Karpman, Junming Li, Anna Maria Marcelin, Sara McManus, Vaneisha Neal, Erin Neugebauer, Jennifer Rivera, Benjamin Rosenzweig, Bria Shelton, Rachael Spotts, Stacey Sunnerville, Minh Tran, Priyank Upadhyaya, Tao Wang, Nicholas Warmke, Walter Whitehead, Ya Xiao, Nefetaria Yates, Hannah Young, Qiongsi Zhu