Walking past this display in front of BUTCHER’S REHAB on Avenue of the States reminded me of the globe that sat in my bedroom as a child. It had the little slit on the top and rubber stopper on the bottom which made it a bank. On the base were logos of all the airlines in existence in the 60s. I asked my mom why they named one airline ‘Untied’. She laughed before giving me one of my first reading lessons. The airline was United.


Every home with a small child should have a globe. The fact that it’s in the home will raise their curiosity and each time they look at it they’ll learn something new. The fact that it spins like a top is interesting enough for most kids. Plus, they look so cool and always are a conversation piece.


Obviously, most of these globes are old, so don’t expect to find the new guys like South Sudan, Kosovo, Serbia, Eritrea, or Slovakia as countries. But, the Atlantic ocean hasn’t moved, the continents haven’t switched places, and the equator still divides the earth in Northern and Southern Hemispheres at 0 degrees latitude.

Go get yourself a globe. I’m sure they’ll be willing to make a great deal so you can walk away having the whole world in your hands.