Someone thought to remind his Twitter followers (@Kevin_Kinkead) what Chester would have had if the original plans of the soccer stadium development had gone as planned in 2008.

From what I hear, the recession of 2008 is blamed for it not happening as planned. Politics is the blame for it never being considered again.

Here’s what was in the plans according to the Philadelphia Business Journal…

  1. 200,000-square-foot exposition center, more than
  2. 22,000 square feet of retail space
  3. two office buildings totaling about 335,000 square feet and
  4. a 1,350-space garage
  5. 186 townhouses
  6. 25 apartment units
  7. a riverwalk
  8. boat slips

What we have in return is a soccer stadium, two practice fields, and a little parking lot. To be fair, I guess we can claim the riverwalk. Take a stroll on it and be your own judge.

Read the 2008 article on soccer stadium announcement