You ever read a newspaper article and hope it’s not true? Do you check the masthead to make sure you didn’t mistakenly pick up The Onion, that satirical news paper?

A Delaware County man is on his way to state prison after admitting to robbing a Montgomery Township bank and then fleeing in a dump truck.

Area police departments were alerted to the incident, and a Whitpain Township officer soon spotted the dump truck heading south on Route 202

I could go for days writing reason after reason why this guy picked the dump truck keys off the table instead of keys to the family sedan, but no matter what I write, I’m bound to be wrong.

That doesn’t stop me from wanting to hear the police radio transmissions when they were pulling over the dump truck. Police have a sense of humor, too, and I’m sure this incident created tales at the precinct that will be shared for a long time.

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