That’s the question Trevor Noah asked a couple nights ago in a stirring address to respond to the recent shootings of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling.

Trevor Noah’s clip on Black Shooting victims

Since that address, Dallas happened.

It appears the Dallas shooting suspect told the negotiator that he was pro Black Lives Matters and anti white police officers. Yet, on the day after the shooting, TV news coverage reported that Dallas police were seeking additional intent and motive. To me, the shooter made himself extremely clear, as troubling as it may be.

But it’s never clear. Whenever I complain about the news coverage and rewards offered in animal abuse cases, people automatically label me as an animal hater. I don’t own a pet (allergies), but I love to see people enjoying their pets. Is it okay if I consider myself pro animal rights and an animal lover even if I continue to take issue when rewards for animal abuse exceed the rewards for information leading to the arrest of a murder victim?

I rarely miss Trevor Noah (The Daily Show on Comedy Central 11pm) although I’m usually a couple days behind when I do catch up on the DVR.  Expect him to hit hard on the Dallas shootings Monday night in his opening monologue.