The Jost Project, featuring vocalist Paul Jost, brought a measure of class to downtown Chester that is difficult to describe. The trio casually tuned up as the small crowd gathered, then, at the stroke of 8pm, the band was introduced and off they went into a mystical journey of jazz genius.


You expect to hear amazing musicians in a jazz band, and The Jost Project didn’t disappoint with vibraphonist Tony Miceli and upright bassist Kevin MacConnell. But, it was the voice of Paul Jost that blew me away.

Most jazz singers do nothing more than sing jazz standards in a jazzy style. Great jazz singers use their voice as an instrument. Paul Jost is a throwback to the great jazz singers who use their vocal talents in both word and song.


The Jost Project’s music is described as Classic Rock in a Jazz Format. Their genius is in how they totally deconstruct a popular song and put it back together in a jazz arrangement bringing just enough pieces back to recognize the song. I was too through when they did the Aerosmith’s Walk this Way. I would have never imagined that song in jazz and their arraignment was incredible.


Andre Cafe Acoustique is like the big brother of Chester’s burgeoning arts district. The new kids on the block are getting all the attention, but since 2004, Andres continues to bring world class jazz performances in the perfect space that should go down as a national treasure…okay, maybe a Chester treasure.


Give me a day or two and I’ll post some of The Jost Project’s amazing music.